Samaj Kalyan Hostel Cutoff of Government Hostel with Category

    Samaj Kalyan Hostel cutoff of last year detail information. In this article Samaj Kalyan Government Hostel Maharashtra previous year cutoff will be discussed. Namaskar friend, welcome you on this website.

    Many students all over the India asked me specially from Maharaashtra plese tell us Samaj Kalyan Hostel cutoff. So, I decided to give you proper Information with proof and category cutoff.

     I have taken Aurangabad (Maharashtra) Vibhag(division) to understand cutoff. I Know you may apply to different Vibhag or district. But, our intention to take it to understand all things well.

   So, don’t panic about it there will be +- difference according to Taluka, District and particular Vibhag.

Samaj Kalyan Government Hostel Reservation, Apply Process

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    Important things

   Government Hostel cutoff for girls and boys depend on Hoste Vacancy, Course, reservation and number of Applicant.

   Students think that Government Hostel releases/declares 3 to 4 list. 🤔🙄 Is it right ?. No, it is totally wrong when selected candidates in the list doesn’t come  only then 2nd or 3rd or 4t list is released. It occurs mostly in case of technical education because to get best choice of college it doesn’t remains in the hand of students. But in case of BA/BCom/BSc etc Courses mostly depend on students choice.

    * We haven’t wrote about admission which are done through Special Case. Because special case admission for special person 😂🤣🤣🤣😃. I know on the name of Special case government officer and broker takes 15 to 20 thousands rupees. The figure of bribe may be more, 😥🙄🤐. “Kya Kare Politicians Ko ham 5 Saal baad Hata Sakte hai, Yeh Toh Permanent Hai”.

    Samaj Kalyan Hostel Cutoff with Course and Reservation.

SC Category 11th – 98 Vacancy


     Total 98 Vacancy for SC category in Aurangabad city where hostel is for 1000 boys. 

OBC Cutoff in Samaj Kalyan Hostel for 11th

  This Time the Vacancies for OBC were less.

VJNT Cutoff

Orphan Cutoff

Physical Handicapped Cutoff

Other Abhyaskram (non technical) Samaj Kalyan Hostel cutoff

SC Category

If you observe this SC category list you will find out cutoff mark is 47% something. It’s because they have taken all candiates from Aurangabad. Not any candidate from other district. That’s why cut off is less. In case of Technical Course you will not find out such discrimination.

PH and OBC/EBC Category

Vyavasayik Abhyaskram Samaj Kalyan Hostel Cutoff

SC Category

 We didn’t get documents list of candidate from 1 to 37 SC category list. Sorry for that.

ST category

OBC/EBC/SBC Category

VJNT Category

PH Category


2nd List of Samaj Kalyan Hostel

For Technical Courese/Vyavasayik

SC Category-:

ST Category-: 2nd list as below

VJNT Category 2nd list as below-:

OBC/EBC/SBC Category 2nd as given below-:

Physically Handicapped  2nd List -:

Orphan (Anath) category 2nd list-:

11t Students 2nd List as given below

SC Category-:

ST  category-:

OBC Category-:

VJNT Category-:

Other Education 2nd List as given below with category -:

SC Category-:

VJNT, ST and PH Category 2nd list- 

OBC Category 2nd list for other education-:

3rd List for Samaj Kalyan Hostel as given below-:

Note-: here in 3rd list I haven’t mentioned course name you study that except category.
SC Category-:


ST Category-:

VJNT Category-:

Physically Handicapped Category-:

SC and OBC other education-: 

OBC, VJNT and ST category other Education-:


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    We hope you got some idea about Samaj Kalyan Government Hostel cutoff. If the reservation for Maratha community is implemented then there will be students from that community. We hope you got valuable information and idea. If you have any question comment us below.
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Updated: April 9, 2019 — 12:27 PM