#Modi_Rozgar_Do Berojgar Funny Compain and Student Crazy Question to Teacher

 #Modi_Rozgar_Do a Twitter trending topic of Berojgar in these day going viral on social media. A student a asking funny question to Teacher on Manv Ki Punchh (Human Tail)

Double Berojgar

   A Berojgar saying to her Girlfriend that don't make me double Berojgar (Unemployed) by leaving me due to job. Because of this one of my precious part will become Berojgar.😇😇🤣🤣🤭🤭.
Double Berojgar | Modi_Rozgar_Do

Sir, Kya Mera Danda Khatma Hoga?

Teacher-: If Human don't use his body part for many years then it will finish one day. Eg. Human Tail
Student-: Sir, I don't have Girlfriend and not even Wife the what will happen with my Danda? 😂😂😂😂.
Mmera Danda | डंडा

Job Nahi Mila Phir Bhi Chalega

  Now, these day if you have job then you will get job easily. But because of unemployment Marriages not happening. By observing surrounding condition a Berojgar says as shown in image
Job Nahi Mila Phir Bhi Chalega

    This article is all about unemployment or Berojgari of India and their feelings. We tried to cover through funny images. 

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