Educated Person are mostly involved in Choosing Job not to Do it?

    India's most of educated people are interested in Choosing most dynamic and High Pay job rather than its need. It becomes trend now for job seekers.

Job Seekers vs Job Chhosers Vs Job Needy
Job Seekers,Job Needy

   India's degree holder candidates are increasing every year and the demand of job is also growing. But interesting thing is that newly graduated candidates are interested in to choose high paying and minimum work job for them.

    Yes, unemployment is in India but only government is not behind it. People are unemployed in India because of their attitude not because of any reason. Indian government is opening large job opportunities for job seekers through various ways.

 Job Seekers are in interested in Government Job

Government Job Seekers

   As I already said above, Youth are searching for leathergic job which give High Pay and minimum work. Government Job is one of them this became mentality of today's Youth generation. That's why more Youth is unemployed for preparing competitive Exam.

Job needy

Labour Job

   Job needy are that kind of category in job seekers who don't have any option than go for job. If they don't go for job then their parents, children will not get food. Example, labour, poor farmers, tea makers etc. 
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